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You never know when you could need a great litigation lawyer when it comes to this competitive world. At any time you could realize that you have been denied your rights and the law is nowhere to help you. If you believe that will never happen, believe us, you are in denial.

So, when you do decide to step out of your denial and reach out to someone that could really help, SKE will be by your side looking out for you in any case where you are wronged. We are a litigagtion law firm operating in Australia and looking out for our clients in all cases.

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We watch out for all our clients and cater to every need. Our services for our clients are as follows:

Commercial Litigation

To ensure that your business not only runs smoothly but also grows, we ensure that you always have the best backing.


Our commercial litigation services

 Our commercial litigation services deal with any kind of disputes that may arise in context of your business and may threaten to undo your hard work


only solve problems

We not only solve problems where contracts may be breached but also where partnership disputes or shareholder issues may arise.

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Personal Injury Lawyers: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Personal Injury Lawyers: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

A personal injury lawyer offers legal representation to plaintiffs (clients) that allege physical and or psychological injury resulting from careless acts or negligence by other people, entities, organisations, or companies.

These civil litigators practice tort law, an area of law specialising in injuries, private wrongs, monetary/non-monetary, or civic damages. Acts of defamation/acts of bad faith or breaching of a contract to personal property, right or reputations, are still under private injury lawyers.

It’s vital to note that a personal injury lawyer has a license that allows him/her to practice in all types of law facets. However, their specialisation will enable them to deal with any cases falling under tort law. Work injuries, accidents arising from falls and slips, flawed products, road accidents, etc., can be handled by personal injury lawyers. Their primary role is to help clients get compensation for the losses.

Commonly, losses that plaintiffs may encounter include the inability to perform regular duties, loss of capacity to earn, suffering, and pain. Additionally, expenses incurred, legal costs, loss of companionship, attorney fee, and emotional distress are other losses that personal injury lawyers help their clients to get compensation.

The role of personal injury lawyers

The duties of a personal lawyer are wide-ranging. Typically, the responsibilities cover professional and ethical codes of conduct as well as rules that the association for licensing lawyers provides.

Once a personal injury lawyer gets a license, they are allowed to file complaints in courts, prepare necessary legal documents, and argue a case in court. Most importantly, the licensing will enable them to provide legal advice to their personal injury clients.

Look, these lawyers handle cases from the beginning through appeal. Their tasks are much more similar to other litigators. That means they have to investigate all claims. Besides, they carefully screen clients to gauge if their cases have merit.

So, personal injury lawyers gather evidence, research case laws, and can formulate legal theories. In this case, they’ll draft pleadings, discovery requests, and develop legal ideas. Still, their expertise allows them to interview and, when necessary, dispose of witnesses.

These duties make part of trial preparation. However, the role of these litigators goes beyond that.

A personal injury lawyer advocates for their clients. Here, they can counsel clients and help them deal with all obstacles arising from the legal system or those their adversaries raise. This can occur right before and during the trial.

Since personal injury lawyers’ essential mandate is to receive justice and compensation, they work extremely hard. They follow a carefully curated process from interviewing clients and witnesses to identifying pertinent issues and finally building a solid case. 

The ability to follow strict set guidelines of legal ethics while defending clients makes a personal injury lawyer to be trusted by clients. Keep in mind; policies may vary from one region to another. Nevertheless, all lawyers must follow due diligence when dealing with legal matters. That includes confidentiality.

What’s the required education to be a personal injury lawyer?

All lawyers follow a similar path of education and training. To join personal injury law firms in Gold Coast, the first thing is that they all must have a law degree and thereafter pass a written bar exam. Again, exams may vary from one region to another. However, what seems to be almost similar is that you must have at least a law degree from an accredited institution and a college degree for you to do bar exams.

Advantages of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Advantages of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

It is no longer debatable when it comes to companies creating diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Studies and statistics have shown that companies showing high-diversity cultures enjoy high team performance and higher cash flows.

Yet, one of the most difficult challenges faced by companies is to implement diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Creating a sense of belonging environment in the workplace is perhaps the toughest task for companies to do. But, they are getting there for the clear benefits provided by establishing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

What are Inclusion and Diversity?


Gender identity differences, political beliefs, religion, race, class, sexual orientation, and culture are referred to as diversity. Diversity in the workplace means that new backgrounds and perspectives are brought to the table by the diversity of the staff.


Being valued, treated fairly, involved, and respected regardless of diversity is the meaning of inclusion. Inclusion in the workplace means that the recognition of special talents empowers all workers to feel connected and a sense of belonging in an inclusive culture.

Importance of including diversity and inclusion in the workplace

The practice of diversity and inclusion in the workplace should go hand in hand. A toxic workplace culture happens with diversity without inclusion. On the other hand, an uncreative and stagnant workplace culture happens with inclusion without diversity.

Unfortunately, many companies and organisations focus on diversity and disregard inclusion. A workplace that does not make a concerted effort in including both diversity and inclusion processes will make their workers feel unsupported and out of place.

Advantages of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Feeling a sense of belonging is fostered among employees in workplaces that have established a diverse and inclusive culture. Workers have been seen to produce a higher quality of work when they feel more connected to the workplace.

Huge rewards in the form of good decision-making, business results, and innovation are gained by companies adopting diversity and inclusion practices in the workplace.

The advantages of implementing diversity and inclusion in the workplace include:

Better work performance

Increased performance and productivity are the direct results of the increased company profits brought on by the implementation of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It has been consistently seen that new markets are captured as much as 70 percent by diverse companies.

Increased trust and engagement of employees

Employees are more engaged in their work when they feel included. Going the extra mile for companies has been seen with highly engaged employees. Consistent ripple effects in retention, profitability, and team morale are ensured in inclusive workplaces.

Employees also become healthier mentally and physically when they love working for a company. As much as 83 percent of active engagement is seen in workers working for companies supporting diverse and inclusive initiatives.

Fresh ideas brought on by diversity

Hiring a more diverse group of employees provide companies a higher level of acquiring fresh ideas and perspectives. Companies supporting diverse practices in terms of age, industry, gender, migration, and career path become innovative leaders in their chosen industry.

Multiple tools are needed by companies wanting to support diversity and inclusion initiatives. Companies implementing diversity & inclusion in the workplace empower employees to do better work while remaining happy and healthy in the workplace.

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